Vocational Training

The goal of vocational training is to lead young adults with special needs to the threshold of dignified living by earning a livelihood. The programmes include a variety of activities which are aimed to help improve gross and fine motor abilities, functional learning and life skills, follow a process from concept to completion, develop individual creative expression, balanced thinking and caring for materials. The students are then steered towards specific training in two areas based on their aptitude and abilities.

Inclusive Vocational Skills Training Centre (IVSTC)

Being an Inclusive setup, admission is open for all adolescent children between ages 14 – 18 years. The 3 – 5 year training programme focuses on functional literacy and life skills and practical skill training.

Skills training presently include Baking, Catering, Pre-retail skills, Computers & Secretarial Practice, Front office training, Back office skills (DTP, Xerox, Lamination, and Spiral Binding, Tailoring and Basic Carpentry.

Yoga, Sports & Special Olympics Training, Overnight camps, Art, Movement & Music, Field visits are offered to the students for their wholistic development.

Centre for Creative Growth

The goal of centre for creative growth is to provide a stimulating environment for artistic & vocational instruction, design exploration, personal expression and collective engagement of young adults with special needs. The goal of this unit is to lead these young adults to the threshold of dignified living.

  • Creative Art Unit: Training adolescents and young adults with neuro muscular and developmental disabilities in prevocational, vocational and production training in paper craft, textiles, wood, terracotta, computers and other areas. And a social atmosphere among peers.
  • Art Unit: Enhancing hidden creative talent and artistic abilities of students in a studio environment.
  • The Saath Saath initiative trains parents and caregivers in various aspects of production, so as to help set up sheltered work units within their communities.

Our training products are exhibited and available for sale at our outlet We Tree. Here our trainees receive hands-on training in stock taking, marketing & sales and money-handling.