How You Can Send your Contribution

Send your name and contact details and the details of the specific area you would like to support to:

Donations in Cheque can be made to Spastics Society of Karnataka

Mrs. Priya Rao
Spastics Society of Karnataka
31, 5th Cross, Off 5th Main Road,
Indiranagar, 1st Stage,
Bangalore-560 038
Or contact us at We will get back in touch with you to facilitate your

As per 35AC notification - Effective from 1-4-2017 Spastics Society of Karnataka is not receiving donations

Other forms of Support

The Spastics Society of Karnataka needs and welcomes donations in cash/cheque and kind. Most of our children belong to the lower socio-economic strata. Therefore, all donations made to the Spastics Society of Karnataka go toward providing services for the children with Special Needs, availing services with us

Services for which Donations are required

You could opt to support the cost of a corrective surgery of one or more children.

Donations in Kind

You could donate play equipment, books, Computers, stationery, furniture (cupboards, tables, chairs), wheel chairs, fans, tubelights, etc.

Purchase Greeting Card

Every purchase of our Greeting Cards is a step toward strengthening our purpose and helping a needy special child. We accept bulk orders too.

Purchase Our Products

All purchases of our products go toward enhancing the earning potential of the child with special needs. We accept bulk orders for custom made products too.


Corporates and Corporate Social Responsiblity Groups, can help us by:

  • Partnering in our endeavours and supporting our projects. (Current/New)
  • Ordering for our products, for seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Providing an outlet for the sale of our products.
  • Purchasing our Greeting Cards.
  • Providing placement for our young adults, trained in vocational skills.
  • Support enterprise by our young adults.
  • Undertaking bulk donations in kind.

For Corrective Surgeries

Corrective Surgeries are a regular phenomenon for our children, in order to prevent deformities and to enhance the rehabilitation process. These surgeries are prescribed by a medical team consisting of our Orthopedist, Physiotherapist, Pediatric Neurologist, and according to need by the Ophthalmologist, or Speech Therapist and ENT Specialist. These surgeries are conducted at hospitals as per the requirements of the case. Cost of these surgeries can be directly remitted to the hospitals on a case to case basis, or you can help us build our Child Welfare Fund, which can utilize funds on a need basis. No specific amount is mentioned as it varies from case to case.