Child Guidance Services

Child Guidance Services provides a comprehensive array of programmes and services designed to meet the individual needs of the children and families who seek our care.

Programs at the Unit

Cater to children from pre-school until Senior Secondary / PUC

The Unit is recognized by education boards - CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE etc. to provide concessions and accommodations for children with Specific Learning difficulties.

Psycho Educational Screening, Assessment –– The assessments measure a child's cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. Generally children are referred for these assessments when they are having difficulties at school, or they are doing very well at school but have social emotional difficulties and may be getting bored or children from integrated schools and with behavioural and learning difficulties who need to be given guidance for future educational / vocational placements.

Psychological Evaluations - to determine the child’s intellectual potential for both curriculum accommodations (from various boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE etc) and modification as well as evaluating emotional issues.

The aim is to provide a thorough assessment which takes into account information from a number of sources and considers different possibilities for difficulties. We aim to make recommendations that will assist children and their families to do the best they can do and also support the teacher in the classroom.

Based on the analysis and educational assessment results further diagnosis and intervention is recommended for children with learning disorders.

  • Staff of the unit network with multi-disciplinary professionals such as psychologists, speech & language pathologists, occupational therapists, neurologists, psychiatrists, doctors and counselors.
  • All students coming for educational assessment are referred for vision screening.
  • Children are referred to Speech and Language department to evaluate any deficit in speech, language and communication concerns as well as auditory processing.
  • Concerns regarding hand functions, handwriting and sensory issues are referred to the occupational therapist.
  • Referrals to the psychiatrist include concerns regarding attention, behaviour, conduct and family issues.
  • Counselors are reached out to address family, parenting, schooling and behaviour issues.
  • Counseling parents and children after the completion of educational evaluation.

Remedial Intervention

Children with Specific Learning Disability are referred for remedial support with special educators under the guidance of Psycho-Education Unit.

Workshops – Conducting workshops for parents, teachers and other professionals.

School Visits – for both mainstream and special schools. The visits focus on teacher training, establishing resource rooms, assessments and curriculum planning as well as parents counseling.

The unit gets referrals from within India and abroad.